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Sweet's Taffy Candy Fruit Lovers Assorted Gourmet Salt Water Taffy. Get your Snack Attack on! Contains just over 2 LB (144 Pieces) of fruit flavored taffy packaged in our Logic Dealz Snack Attack Box. Enjoy 18 taffy pieces of EACH flavor with your purchase Manufactured in a facility free of gluten, peanuts & tree nuts and certified Kosher Dairy Our taffy stands apart because it is whipped, not pulled, thus giving it a lighter, softer texture Each piece is individually wrapped and proudly made in the U.S.A.

Sweet's saltwater taffy is a great traditional piece of candy.

Fresh from Sweet's to your home, after one bite, you'll understand why Sweet's is the market leader in the taffy world.

This 2 pound assortment of Sweet's most popular fruit flavors are all packaged together in a single 8-flavor assortment consisting of the following:

* Banana

* Boysenberry

* Cherry

* Coconut

* Mango

* Pear

* Orange/Vanilla

* Watermelon

Our taffy is packaged in our Snack Attack Box made only by Logic Dealz.

Sweet's has been making its iconic taffy for more than 7 decades and is the leader in the candy world because it is soft, non-sticky and full of flavor.

Enjoy your saltwater taffies purchase today!

ICE CHIPS Ginger Xylitol Mints 6 Single Tins CIRMCXZKL

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