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Enjoy free shipping on orders over $70.00. / A signatory is required upon delivery of the item.Volume : 1.0 Ounce / Manufacturing date is printed on packaging / Use within 12 months of opening.Details : Hydration, radiance, soothing and skin conditioning in a single drop. / Country of Origin : South KoreaThe product results may vary depending on your skin tone and type. / The color displayed may vary depending on your screen.How to use : After cleansing, gently apply a small amount all over the face and neck.

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Dense hydration from Jeju green tangerine and rapeseed honey - Antioxidant and bioflavonoid-rich green tangerine combined with moisture-drawing rapeseed honey fills every inch of skin with dense hydration.

Rich skin conditioning in a single drop. - Containing Jeju rapeseed honey infused with propolis, this dense ampoule conditions and energizes skin like a professional facial.

Honey-like texture with a dewy finish. - The dense ampoule packs skin with nutrients and forms a barrier of hydration that leaves skin lustrous and dewy all day.

Pure hydrating energies derived from the natures of Korea :.
Green Tangerine :.
1. Free green tangerines are harvested in mid summer.
2. Tangerines are washed with triple-filtered water.
3. Tangerines are then soaked in low temperature water for 72 hours.
4. Antioxidant water packed with green tangerines is created.

Rapeseed Flower :.
1. Rapeseed flowers are harvested from Jeju.
2. The flowers are stone-ground to preserve nutrients, after which honey is extracted.
3. The extracted rapeseed honey is purified.
4. Eco-friendly and nutritious rapeseed honey is collected.

Packed with Refreshing Green Vitamins. GREEN TANGERINE.
Found in Jeju green tangerines, green vitamins called bioflavonoids (vitamin P) protects skin against free radicals while vitamins C boosts collagen formation.

The Secret to Glowing Skin. RAPESEED FLOWERS.
Compromised of 70-80% moisture-drawing sugars, rapeseed honey provides ongoing hydration, while flavonoids and proteins leave skin radiant and supple.

- Your moisturizers are not hydrating enough.
- You want to experience deep moisture every day.
- Your skin is dry inside.
- Your skin is dull and tired.

Goodal Green Tangerine Honey Moisturizing Ampule 1.0 Ounce Green MLPEJWDWX

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