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Fat and The Moon All Natural Organic Masa Olive Face Paste Scrub 2 oz JTBMMKNXX

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This Scrub Provides The Perfect Combination Of Exfoliating + Moisturizing EffectsCorn Flour Acts As A Gentle Polisher + Stimulator While Olive Oil Dilutes The Pre-Existing Oils On Your Skin (Like Dissolves Like!) Which Allows The Pore-Clogging Dirt & Bacteria To Surface & Be Cleaned Away. When You Rinse Your Skin, The Olive Oil Won’t Strip Your Skin Of MoistureAll Natural + Organic IngredientsParaben free, Sulfate free, Cruelty free

Continuing a family legacy of herbalists and natural healers, Fat and the Moon founder Rachel Budde has built her company around providing handcrafted, herbal body care products to those seeking a natural alternative to chemical-filled products. Like a witch over a cauldron, Budde experiments with age-old ingredients and recipes passed down from various healing traditions to craft innovative, simple products that are good for the body and the earth. Fat and the Moon started as an alternative to the toxic, mass production body care industry aiming to provide nourishing ingredients and nourishing messages of self love, and self care.

This scrub provides the perfect combination of exfoliating and moisturizing effects. The corn flour acts as a gentle polisher and stimulator while the olive oil dilutes the pre-existing oils on your skin (like dissolves like!) which allows the pore-clogging dirt and bacteria to surface and be cleaned away. When you rinse your skin, the olive oil won’t strip your skin of moisture.

- All Natural + Organic Ingredients

- Paraben free, Sulfate free, Cruelty free

Fat and The Moon All Natural Organic Masa Olive Face Paste Scrub 2 oz JTBMMKNXX

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