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Essano Clear Complexion Gel Cleanser 100ml 3.3oz FEOKBHKKV

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Rosemary Leaf, BioDTox, Aloe VeraThis soap-free cleansing gel gently cleans and purifies the skin, removing excess oils and dirt without dryingFor oily combination skin typesDermatologically Tested, Non ComedogenicMade in New Zealand from naturally active ingredients

Our soap-free cleansing gel contains a powerful blend of ingredients scientifically formulated to cleanse and balance oily, young or congested skin. Rosemary Leaf is combined with BioDTox to control oil levels without stripping the skin.


  • Lift impurities
  • Balance oil production
  • Replenish moisture

BioDTox is clinically proven to control sebum levels, detoxify skin cells and clean pores.

About us:

Essano have developed a range of ethical products designed to not only allow a few moments of pampering in the midst of a hectic day, but that are affordable, accessible and effective.

Essano's range is not only sustainably produced - Essano are part of the New Zealand Sustainable Business Network - but cruelty free, and many are either certified organic by EcoCert, or contain ingredients that are certified organic. With full control of the production process, Essano are passionate about skincare that's not only natural and free from harmful chemicals, but that's good for the environment too.

With products ranging from pure certified organic rosehip oil to shampoo, conditioner, body care and beautiful skincare, there is something for every person to be found within the wide range of Essano beauty and hair care products.

Essano Clear Complexion Gel Cleanser 100ml 3.3oz FEOKBHKKV

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