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Depimiel Hair Removal Soft Wax Roll On System Cartridge Soft Formula with Flower Extracts 3.52 Oz 2 Pack BQOTUMDGW

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Gentle & Efficient Hair RemovalParaffin-Free Soft Wax with Flower ExtractsMelts at Lower Temperature reducing risk of burnsThis product requires Body Strips and Warmer. Use only with Depimiel Electronic Roll-On Warmer.We have a formula for you!. Depimiel Hair Removal Wax Roll On Cartridge also comes in Original, Men Powerful, Black, and Chocolate formulas.

Depimiel Roll On Cartridge Soft Formula provides a gentle and soothing care for sensitive skin types, moisturize and improve appearance.

Our line of Roll-On waxes is mess free and easy to use! With a unique blend of wax for normal and coarse hair removal, we have everything that you need for easy, effective, and gentle waxing.


  • Heat the DEPIMIEL Roll-On in an appropriate warmer for 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Prepare the skin surface by completely removing any residues such as lotions, sweat or other substances.
  • Activate the roll-on applicator by rolling it onto a waxing paper strips until it glides easily.
  • Apply the wax to the skin in the direction of hair growth.
  • Place the waxing strip over the wax and rub gently.
  • With one hand hold the skin taut. With the other hand pull back the strip quickly and firmly, in the opposite direction of hair growth (parallel and as close to the skin surface as possible)
  • Cleanse and hydrate your skin with an oil or cream to finish.

Soft Wax Roll On Precautions:

Due to its creamy consistency this wax should be removed with the appropriate removal strips.
Carefully follow the directions.
Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds 48 hours prior to and after any wax treatment.
Not for use on beards.
Avoid removing wax in an upward movement (perpendicular to the skin surface) as this may cause bruising.
Do not apply any product on the skin that contains alcohol before or after waxing as it may cause skin irritation.
Not recommended for pregnant women, children, elderly, diabetics or after surgery. Not recommended for people using dermatological acid treatments.
Not for use on mucous membranes and surrounding areas, irritated, cut or broken skin, varicose veins.
Do not repeat the application more than twice on the same area. Wait at least 15 days before reapplying to the same area.

Depimiel Hair Removal Soft Wax Roll On System Cartridge Soft Formula with Flower Extracts 3.52 Oz 2 Pack BQOTUMDGW

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