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Conquers oily hair, beards,skin & fights odor with the power of Tea Tree Oil.Rich Sandalwood & Tea Tree Scent.Beard & Hair Shampoo +Bodywash500mL; 16.9 fluid ounces

Look, feel, and smell your best every day with CLEAN by Le Barbier d'Bourbon shampoo & body wash.

This liquid castile soap is made with a coconut & jojoba oil base and enhanced with tea tree oil and sandalwood to conquer even the oiliest hair, skin, and beards.

Directions (As a Hair & Beard Shampoo): Wet hair & beard with warm water, Shake Well Before Using. Apply a small amount to your palm and massage gently into hair avoiding eye, nose, mouth, and ears. Rinse and repeat as needed. To restore a healthy looking and feeling shine apply Slide Pre-Shave & Beard Oil per package directions.

Directions (As a Body Wash) Apply a quarter-sized amount (roughly one-half pump) to a sponge, loofah, washcloth, or palm, lather and scrub your skin, then rinse off thoroughly. Repeat as needed. To prevent over-drying on your face, apply Soothe Aftershave & Face Lotion immediately after towel drying your skin.

For best results: Use CLEAN Tea Tree & Sandalwood Beard, Hair & Body Shampoo as part of your daily grooming routine with the complete Le Barbier d'Bourbon Sandalwood Collection. If you shave, prepare your skin for shaving by applying SLIDE Pre-Shave and Beard Oil, brush on your WHIP Shave Cream or PUCK Shave Soap, shave with your favorite DE Safety Razor, Cartridge Razor, or Straight Razor. Wipe remaining shaving cream or shaving soap residue from your face with a warm damp towel and finally massage a small amount of SOOTHE Aftershave & Daily Moisturizing Face Lotion to your face and neck.

If you wear a beard or don't shave, avoid ingrown hairs and help tame your beard with SLIDE Pre-Shave and Beard Oil to beard or stubble. Use SOOTHE Aftershave & Daily Moisturizing Face Lotion mornings and evenings after washing your face to help healthy, younger looking skin and to fight dry skin itch.

CLEAN Sandalwood Body Beard & Hair Shampoo WKVIFHQPE

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