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Caribbean Solutions Beach Colours Self Tanner Natural and Safe 6oz OHHLHEOXS

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100% Natural & Biodegradable – Get your tan without harmful ingredientsNatural Colors – Beautiful and safe tanSafe Tan - Safer than tanning beds and spray tans. Avoid baking in the sunMarine and Reef Friendly - Safe for you and the environmentFor Delicate Skin – Gently soothe, moisturizes and protects. Relieves stress and repairs damage

Our Mission: Toformulate and produce a TRULY chemical-free, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, andEco-Sensitive line of Sun and Skin Care products, to be introduced to an everincreasing, educated public, demanding toxic-free products that protect theirbody and our sensitive Eco-System

Finally, a truly natural self-tanner that uses no dyes andartificial coloring agents. No more orange look to your skin!

Natural Colors: Uses natural DHA, derived from sugar cane thatcolors dead skin cells and actually energizes one’s own melanin to produce theskin’s natural darkening process. Surroundingthe natural DHA are moisturizers that will keep the skin from drying out whilehastening the natural coloring of the skin. Organic Aloe Leaf and Cucumberextracts; Shea Butter; and Mandarin Oil invigorate and condition the skin,during the speedy coloring process, so your skin does not risk drying out. Now,a natural way to tan your skin when you cannot spend time in the sun, due totime or weather. Beach Colours has been used in preparation of going into thesun to establish a nice base tan. No Parabens are used as preservativesin our formulas, only food grade, Natural Sorbate, along with naturalplant extracts and Natural Vitamin E from corn.

Soothes Skin: Using a tri-blend recipe, our Beach ColorsNatural Self Tanner is designed to help your skin look attractive and healthy.Cucumber extract is a natural skin emollient and softener with cooling andastringent properties that cleanses and soothes your skin. Additionally, melonextract relieves stress while shea butter moisturizes and repairs damage.

For Delicate Skin: Designed with ingredients that gentlysoothe, moisturize, and protect, our Beach Colors Natural Self Tanner is idealfor individuals with delicate skin.

Caribbean Solutions Beach Colours Self Tanner Natural and Safe 6oz OHHLHEOXS

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