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BEAUMS Waterproofed Facial Cleansing Brush for All Skin Exfoliation Blackheads Acne ZRDDGHOVT

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Suitable for All Skin: The cleansing meter uses pro-skin high-activated silicon, feel soft and smooth, which can effectively remove dirt and oil, prevent clogging of pores, remove blackheads, acne, improve rough skin, gently exfoliate, brighten skin tone, and help the skin recover to a healthy state. uses safely, ensitive skin can also be applied.Exquisite Design: The facial cleansing with breathable micro-pore structure, device is divided into local areas and facial areas. The thick oil in the T area of the local are, never makes my skin feel dry or tight ,can effectively help to clean the pores of the chin and the nose and promote better absorption of the skin care products. Smooth' makeup looks even more perfect.Adjustable Cleaning Modes: Five frequency variable speed regulation electric cleaning system,suitable for different skin. According to the needs of the skin to adjust the cleaning mode, super vibration massage the skin to help remove thoroughly, Accelerate skin blood micro circulation, relieve fatigue,effective remove expression lines,brighten skin, restore skin elasticity and firmness, keep the skin clean, will not hurt the skin.100% Waterproof: IP66 fuselage waterproof, facilitate cleaning, also can be used when bath.Our WARRANTY: 1 year guarantee, If you have any questions, you can contact us, we will help you solve the first time.

BEAUMS Facial Cleansing Brush for All Skin

1.Double-side brush head,effective clean skin,keep young for cleaning T-zone and grease serious parts deeply, rejection of large pores,Exfoliation, blackheads, acne, bring you a comfotable massage experience.
2.Facial Cleansing Brush with 1392 touch points,firmly adsorb pore dirt and makeup residue,gently clean the skin deeply.
3.Five adjustable frequency variable speed regulation electric cleaning system,can be adjusted to the proper gear according to the skin, will not hurt the skin.

Use the step:
1.After removing makeup ,wet your face and the device.
2.Apply appropriate foam cleanser on face or the device.
3.Choose suitable speed,gently clean face circularly to get rich foam.
4.Change speed arbitrary arbitrary, to obtain the best clean effect.

About USB Charging:
The Facial Cleansing Brush USB Charging Cable, 2 hours to charge full.
Note: If the small light flashes 10 second continuosly or when you feel the vibrating frequency is reduced or no vibrating, it means low battery, please recharge.

Five frequency variable speed regulation cleaning system:
Low Speed 2: 2400 Times/min
Low Speed 1: 3700 Times/min
Medium Speed: 4800 Times/min
High Speed 1: 5600 Times/min
High Speed 2: 6700 Times/min
Working Voltage: 4.2V
Working Current: 20 - 120mA
Power: ≤ 0.45

You will get it:
1 X Facial Cleansing Brush
1X USB Charging Cable
1 X User Manual

Our Guarantee:
One year warranty, if there is any problem, please contact us for the first time for you to solve.

BEAUMS Waterproofed Facial Cleansing Brush for All Skin Exfoliation Blackheads Acne ZRDDGHOVT

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