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Bearded Lemon Wooden Beard Comb BBRNUBNIQ

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🧔 GROOM TO IMPRESS - Got an important meeting, a big interview or a hot date that you need to look your best for First impressions are everything so don't let yourself get caught not looking sharp. Our beard comb has two sides with fine teeth and wide teeth for all types of facial hair so you can get your beard just right for those big moments.💪 PROMOTE A HEALTHY BEARD - Have you seen those guys with big, full beards and wish you had one too Daily brushing will not only aide in soothing an itchy beard, but it will also help stimulate beard growth. Bearded Lemon's perfect size fits in your hand to make it comfortable and easy to give your beard the brushing it deserves. Everyone loves a thick, full beard.🌳 HANDMADE NATURAL SANDALWOOD - Are you tired of using stinky, plastic combs that smell like a chemical factory We all know that anything we use on our bodies especially our faces needs to be as natural as possible. The Bearded Lemon is handcrafted from 100% natural sandalwood meaning it won't harm your skin or beard. Each comb is unique in wood grain plus they smell great with a woody scent you'll enjoy every time your brush.🤷 NEVER BE STUCK COMBLESS - Are you a man on the move Have you got things to do, places to go and ladies to see Don't get stuck without the tool to make your beard look its best. The Bearded Lemon is pocket-size making it perfect for on-the-go grooming. Work Gym Date Look your best where ever you go.🎁 GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR GUY - Make the bearded man in your life beam with excitement when you give him this thoughtful present. Whether it be a boyfriend, dad, brother, friend, husband, partner or son, they'll love a Bearded Lemon beard comb that lets them know you care about them and their beard. Father's Day Birthday Anniversary Give them a gift that'll keep on giving.

Why have a beard if you are not going to comb it

But what do you comb it with

How about the Bearded Lemon 100% sandalwood beard comb It’s a comb for your beard. And it’s not just one comb. It’s actually like two combs joined forces. Thinner teeth on one side for fine tuning your beard & wider teeth on the other side for tangles or grooming thicker hair.

Impress during your job interview!

Look great for that first date!

Make a statement with that manly beard!

At 3.75in x 2.4in, the comb is less than half an inch wider than a business card so it can go with you anywhere!

The wood scent and wood grain makes each comb natural & unique.

Everyone loves a wild man, but not an out-of-control savage! So stop sitting there with an unkempt, bird’s nest of a beard - comb it with the Bearded Lemon beard comb because that’s what beards are for.

Buy one or three now!

Use one in your house, one in your car and one at work.

You got the beard -- now get the comb! Get the job! Get the girl!

Bearded Lemon Wooden Beard Comb BBRNUBNIQ

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